Dance Moms: "Abbygeddon"

Dance Moms: "Abbygeddon"

This week, Lifetime, Abby and the competition of the dance world puts way, way too much pressure on some nine and ten year old girls. They are not only jetted off to New York to auditition for the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School, but also have to compete at a competition in New Jersey the day after. The pressure would crack most adults—and also seems to crack Abby.


At their last competition, the Abby Lee Dance Company was invited to participate in the Joffrey Ballet School’s open auditions in New York City. Remember, these are “open” auditions—so anybody can go—but Lifetime/Abby still makes it out as if the invitation was some great honor. The girls are also going to prepare a group number and two solo dances for the competition the following day.


Seriously, this show is becoming a little too plotted for me to swallow it. The competitive world of children’s dance is interesting enough on its own without made-for-TV twists to spice it up. Lifetime doesn’t believe that, though, so Cathy’s Candy Apples company makes an appearance both at the Joffrey Ballet School auditions and at the competition in New Jersey.


At the Joffrey auditions, the girls are told that they don’t have enough ballet experience to really be competitive. Initiated by Cathy, the moms and Abby start bickering outside of the auditions, prompting the judge—a true dance professional who probably hates the shit out of this show—to shut them up.


Still, they are impressed with Chloe, her dancer’s body and her natural abilities—so they offer her a scholarship for the summer school. This seems like the biggest honor ever awarded on the show—Abby said that more than 20,000 dancers audition for very few spots—but it is completely glossed over. Other drama overshadows the honor, and Abby doesn’t even mention it. Poor Chloe.


At the competition, the Abby Lee company places tenth for a haphazard play off of the jailbird scene from the Broadway show, Chicago. Horror of horrors, Candy Apples places ninth, beating Abby Lee by a single point. Afterwards, Cathy comes into the Abby Lee dressing rooms to gloat, and inexplicably sends Abby off the edge—she starts crying! The beast really isn’t emotionless. She continues crying when Maddie forgets her number and runs offstage—then she runs home to Pittsburgh early. Is Abby never to be seen again?


What did you think of this explosive episode of Dance Moms? Do you think it’s getting real again, despite itself?