Dance Moms: "Melissa Pleads the Fifth"

Dance Moms: "Melissa Pleads the Fifth"

A new villain takes the weight off of Abby this week.

This week, Abby gets a break from being Dance Moms’ biggest villain. Melissa, instead, assumes the role, being weird and secretive about her impending nuptials with her “friends,” the other moms. She even sends them a cease and desist gossip letter, which, not too surprisingly, doesn’t go over too well.


Abby choreographs a dance for the girls that depict the plight of homeless children. She wants to remind the girls just how lucky they are that their mothers will spend so much money for them to get berated at dance class. Also, Nia replaces Paige in trio group with the group’s best dancers, Chloe and Maddie. She’s excited, but her mother, Holly, is nervous, worrying that the move is just another way to belittle her daughter’s skills.


The next shocker comes with down-to-earth Holly’s announcement that she will be taking a year off from her duties as a school principal to focus more on Nia’s dance career. It’s kind of a sad announcement for working mother’s everyone—it seems that Holly has been cowed into making her decision by Abby, who always told her that she wasn’t around enough for her daughter.


Meanwhile, up in the mom’s loft, the mom’s are prodding for information on Melissa’s engagement ring, which she wears out in public right on her finger, but doesn’t want to discuss it! It’s quite strange, but obviously Abby stands up for her star sheep/mother. Melissa storms out of the studio with her youngest, Mackenzie, and says she will not be attending the competition in Chicago. She also calls up her lawyer, who quickly pens an obviously-unethical letter forcing the other mothers to stop asking about the wedding. It’s all very strange—a bit too strange to be scripted for television even. What’s this woman’s deal?


At the competition that Melissa attends after all, Abby’s arch nemesis, Cathy, and her Candy Apples are in attendance. Cathy has put up her talented male dancer up against Maddie in the junior solo division, and he actually does really well. Finally, we hope that Cathy will win something so that our interest in this totally-mismatched rivalry won’t continue to wane. No luck—Maddie wins it all yet again, and the little boy doesn’t even place. Abby’s homeless group number is also really beautiful, and Cathy’s sadistic clown number can’t even hold a candle. As much of an egomaniac as she is, Abby still has some good choreography ideas.


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