Dollar store learning

Dollar store learning

Teach your children to spend and save wisely.

Teaching your child doesn’t require spending a lot of money on expensive kits and workbooks. A lot of what you need can be found at your local dollar store. With a little creativity and an open mind, you can teach your child without breaking the bank.

You can pay $3-$5 for a coloring book at the grocery store or book store, but most dollar stores sell the same or similar coloring books for only $1. They still feature your child’s favorite characters and many of them combine coloring with learning activities, such as mazes, color by number and identifying letters. Also available at the dollar store are workbooks to help your child build a basic knowledge of shapes, letters and numbers.

Take a look at the children’s books at the dollar store too. They may not be the bestsellers, but you will find simple stories and easy readers to help your child build his reading skills. Sometimes you may even get lucky and find a book from Dr. Seuss or one of your child’s favorite authors for a much lower price than the traditional bookstore.

Don’t forget your craft supplies either. Instead of spending a lot of money for paint, construction paper or markers that your child will only leave the cap off of anyway, get them for a dollar. You can stock up on supplies and try out some of the fun craft kits the dollar store offers as well. Throw in a few baskets and boxes to organize all of your supplies as well.