Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania

Same old stereotypes ruin otherwise super cute and fun film.

My best friend took us to go see Hotel Transylvania the other day, and I must admit that overall it was a really funny movie. You might expect it to be filled with Adam Sandler poop jokes and annoying voices, but it was honestly funny and well done. I was pretty comfortable with the subject matter altogether, and I wouldn’t mind watching a series or another movie in sequel form.

All of that said, as a female I can’t help but notice how my gender was largely ignored—as usual. The main mother in the movie was dead—and not dead as in a monster but present, I mean not even in the film. Two other adult women were in the movie; one had two lines and was perpetually pregnant and happy with dozens of children, the other was pegged as a nag. One of the stars of the film, a teen girl, only really spoke to men, and she falls in love with a human before she’s even had a chance to see the world or really do anything on her own.

The human, to his credit, is a really progressive hippie dude whom I adored. He was so funny and unassuming, it was hilarious and he certainly did not take advantage of the situation. That said, it seemed like all of these men were vying to either control the girl’s life or be a part of it, and her main dream to see Hawaii seemed to run second in her goals as soon as Mr. Human showed up to court her.

I am not sure why 50% of the population is always represented as under three percent of the characters and dialogues. Oh yeah, I guess it’s because most of these movies are written, produced, and directed by menfolk. Forgive my snark; it just really, really gets old. It’s like today’s filmmakers are scared to make female characters at all unless they are stereotypes. Remember Don Bluth? He sure didn’t shy away from female characters. They made up half of his movies most of the time, and were often the lead characters as well. What happened between the 1980s toons and today’s movies?

If a second movie is made, it would be super cool to focus on the teen’s adventures away from the castle and not just on her love life—or, better yet, many more girl monsters who visit the hotel and their adventures. It’s a funny and enjoyable movie, though, so I wouldn’t advise not seeing it. Expect laughs and a good time, but nothing groundbreaking.