The Power of Morning Boards

The Power of Morning Boards

Organize the day.

Morning boards serve a dual purpose, whether you are a classroom or homeschool teacher. These boards provide the comfort of ritual to the children while reinforcing important concepts. With younger children, the morning board can become an integral part of circle time or the start of the day routine.

Classroom Use

A bulletin board featuring an updatable calendar, a seasonal or study appropriate short poem, and other items that pertain the class or current lesson becomes an interactive tool for the entire class. Update the calendar daily to cement the month and days of the week concept. You can also include weather, season or moon phase information. Other options include an animal of the week for young children or a president of the week for older children. Visiting these concepts briefly in the morning helps prepare the student's for their studies later in the day.


Homeschool Use

The morning board in a homeschool situation provides many of the same uses as a classroom board, but you can make a smaller one for each child. Tailor the board's contents to the specific child's age and lessons. The board can also be used to further cement routine, including a daily to-do list or a schedule of the day's lessons.



Create a large morning board on a dedicated bulletin board or a wall covered in colorful paper. You can also use an easel to create a board that you can later store away. For individual boards, I prefer to use sturdy foamcore, but you can also substitute cardboard. A wipe off calendar or a velcro calendar works well for daily updating.