Winter crafting

Winter crafting

Bring the season into the classroom.

Add some wintertime fun to your daily school routing. Simple craft projects aren't just busy work. Young children learn important gluing and cutting skills that sharpen fine motor skills. Crafts also develop creative thinking and can help develop a further understanding of the seasons.


One of the simplest crafts that elicits wows from young kids is the snow globe. Use small jars, like baby food jars, for the globe. Help the kids glue small beads and toys to the inside of the jar lid with waterproof glue. Instead of water, fill the jar with baby oil. The clear oil allows the snow to swirl more slowly. Glitter, crushed eggshells or plastic party confetti all works well to create swirling snow in the globe.

Snow flake crystal ornaments are another fun winter project that can also include an element of science. The children form their snowflakes from white pipe cleaner. The teacher fills a glass jar with hot water.

Dissolve three teaspoons of borax and a drop of blue food coloring in the water. Hang the pipe cleaner snowflake in the jar so it's completely submerged. After a day or two, the snowflake is completely covered in small, permanent crystals. Hang the snowflake in a window to catch the light or use it as a tree ornament.

You can also bring the winter season indoors. Provide a collection of small outdoor items: evergreen sprigs, pine cones, nuts and seeds. Combine these with standard children's craft supplies and let the kids' imaginations go wild as they create their own seasonal decorations.