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How Closely Should You Space Pregnancies?

One of the biggest questions about having children is how far apart to space the pregnancies.  You don’t want them so close together that you and your body don’t get a break, but having them too far apart results in kids who don’t have anything in common and may not get along well.  The decision on how far apart to space pregnancies is something you have to decide based on your own desires and life circumstances.

What Is the Ideal Spacing?
There is no right or wrong answer for this.  For some people, having them as close together as possible allows them to get the baby stuff out of the way more quickly, while others prefer to have a spacing of three to four years to allow plenty of time to enjoy each baby.  Most experts would agree that having babies closer than two years apart puts a bigger strain on your body.

Your Individual Circumstances
No matter what the “experts” say, only you and your partner know your own circumstances, so you need to decide based on how you feel and your life circumstances.  If right now is a good time to have kids, take advantage of it and have them, but if after having a baby, your needs change, it’s perfectly okay to put off having another until you feel ready.

Ultimately, you are the expert when it comes to how closely to space your own pregnancies.  Go with what feels right to you and don’t let others’ opinions sway you from what works best for you.