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How Many Kids Will You Have?

Until last week, we were pretty sure the answer for us would be four.  I have always heard that odd numbers make for kids who feel left out, and four just seems like a good number.  An emergency c-section to deliver our daughter last week has changed our plans, and I started thinking about how important a certain number really is.

My father was raised in a family of seven.  With so many, is there really an opportunity to feel any more left out because you aren’t in matched pairs?  Many people have three children, and I’m fairly certain most of those children grow into well-adjusted adults, third wheels or not.

After our c-section, the doctor strongly suggested we not have any more children.  I’m not as young as I used to be, and I always have high risk pregnancies.  I am beginning to agree that perhaps we should quit while we are ahead, but the disappointment of not reaching that number is very bitter.

I guess in the end what we all need to do is focus on what we do have, and be grateful for the things that work out.  If we had delayed just one more day, I would only have two children.  Maybe instead of mourning the loss of that child who will never be, I should be celebrating the gift I received in the child who almost wasn’t.

How many kids you have is really not going to be as life changing as how you enjoy and love the kids you do have.  That’s an important lesson for us all to remember.