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Do You Encourage Your Child Daily?

I’ve started to be more aware of how I interact with my kids each day, and much to my dismay, I’m not being the parent I really want to be.  I find myself being impatient more often than I’d like, which is probably the tale almost every parent has to tell.  One area I have found myself severely lacking, however, is in being encouraging.  Kids need to know that they are capable of doing things, and to be encouraged by us so they can find the motivation to keep trying.

To be encouraging means to support, give confidence or offer hope.  It does not mean we should lie to our kids by saying their halfhearted attempt at sweeping the floor is great or by giving them false hope.  No matter what they are doing, however, we should be their biggest cheerleader.

It is our role as parents to teach them that they are worthy, and that they are deserving of love and praise, even when they don’t feel so successful.  It is that unwavering love and devotion that instills confidence in children, and its most important source is us.

Whether they are learning to write their letters or competing in a sports event, they need us to be there for them, with encouraging words and unending support.

So take time every day to encourage your child.  If they are struggling with something, pay special attention to that area and make sure they get the love, support and help they need to achieve their goals.  If we don’t do it, who will?