December 2010

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that it’s a lot harder to get into the Christmas spirit as an adult than it is as a kid. And I’m the most fun-loving, kid-like adult I know! I play with my child every day (for most of the day, really) and we’re always into seasonal activities and holidays. But for some reason, Christmas is usually so stressful. Maybe it’s all the commercialism, the gift-buying, or the pressure to create a magical time for your child.

You Are Not a Parent

Although I try to refrain from judging people as much as I can (even those who would judge me so effortlessly), lately a certain group of people are getting on my nerves. These are the people who claim that they are parents when they are anything but.

Take, for example, the dog owner who insists that Biddy the dog is her baby. It’s one thing to refer to her as a baby in name; it’s quite another to lavish said dog with more toys, designer “outfits” and collars, and even expensive food than millions of kids see in their lifetimes. You are not a parent. You have a pet. And though it’s your money to do with what you choose, it would be so much better spent on, say, feeding homeless vets or clothing orphans rather than getting Fido a diamond-studded collar or doggie cookies for every holiday.